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Seven Steps for Recovering from Surgery


Few things can alter and disrupt your daily routine quite like surgery. From pre-surgery preparations to the surgical procedure itself, the entire ordeal can be a challenging test of your physical and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, the battle doesn’t end when the anesthesia wears off, as many patients face weeks, if not months of recovery time from their surgeries. With this fact in mind, we’ve assembled a list of suggestions that may help you as your body heals and begins to return to normal.

Allow Your Body to Repair Itself – As much as you may want to resume a normal life as quickly as possible, you would be much better served by resting the part of your body that has been operated upon. This means that what your doctor says goes; if your doctor advises you not to lift heavy objects or to avoid contact sports, for example, you should strictly adhere to his or her medical opinion.

Sleep – A Lot – Sleeping not only is a good way of knocking out a lot of boring hours from your day, but it also enables your body to heal itself as you rest peacefully.

Water is Your Friend – Now more than ever, try to get your eight glasses of water. Staying hydrated allows your body to function at full capacity.

Chow Down on Protein – Your body needs protein to rebuild and repair damaged tissue. Eating foods high in protein, such as poultry, dairy products and nuts, will help you to build back muscles damaged from injury.

Pace Yourself – As you begin to recover motion and strength in damaged parts of your body, remember to take things slow. Pushing yourself too far puts you at risk of aggravating the recovering area, and could set your recovery back a significant period of time. When walking around, try to nurse the healing body part, and make sure not to move it too fast or place too much pressure on it.

Build Up an Exercise Routine – When your body is ready, begin a modest exercise routine to rebuild the injured area. Exercises such as walking, stair climbing and light weight lifting could fit the bill perfectly – just make sure not to overexert yourself.

Be Careful When Moving around While recovering from injury, the last thing you want to do is to fall and hurt yourself again. Try and always be aware of any obstacles in your vicinity that you might accidentally trip over, slip on or bang into while moving around.

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