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Comparing Marijuana Vs. Hemp

Comparing Marijuana Vs. Hemp
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Whether you love it, hate it or don’t care about it whatsoever, virtually everyone has heard about marijuana. While hemp is not quite as well known, it is likewise a relatively popular plant. But talking about hemp and marijuana raises an obvious question – what exactly is the difference between the two? 

A Quick Look 

The most notable contrast between the two plants is the presence of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. Marijuana is famous for its THC content, as this substance makes up nearly a third of the marijuana plant. It is this ingredient that gives marijuana its psychoactive characteristics. Those who grow this plant tend to do so in a way that maximizes both its leave size and its THC content. 

In comparison, hemp contains far less THC, though it does feature a high concentration of CBD (cannabidiol). It may surprise you to learn that hemp has long been used in the manufacturing of numerous products, including those listed below:

  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Rope 
  • Concrete 
  • Biodiesel Fuel 
  • Animal Feed

Hemp growers attempt to raise this crop in such a way as to make the hemp plant as large as possible. It is generally grown in outdoor environments. In contrast, marijuana in typically produced indoors, allowing growers to determine the amount of light and soil the plant receives. 

Facts About Hemp

Marijuana is widely used as a recreational drug. Conversely, hemp has a rich history of being employed for a variety of purposes. The National Hemp Association notes that hemp is believed to be the first plant cultivated for domestic use, as evidence of 8,000 year-old hemp fabric has been unearthed in Turkey. The same organization also points out that hemp as also been used as a form of currency in the Americas, and that paper derived from hemp is stronger and more durable than paper made from wood. 

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