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Introduction to the Chi Machine

Introduction to the Chi Machine

Millions of Americans suffer from illnesses like Diabetes, Arthritis, Neuropathy and lower back pain. Despite the heavy use of medicinal drugs, many of these patients are still bothered by the symptoms associated with such chronic conditions. A significant number of patients have found a powerful treatment to these lingering health problems in the form of the Chi machine.

How it Works

The Chi machine was first introduced by Japanese doctor Shizou Inoue in 1990. To use the Chi machine, a patient lies on flat surface and place his or her ankles on the machine’s foot pads. The pads then move briskly from side to side, effectively sending a wave up energy up through the legs and into the torso. Essentially, the Chi machine causes the user’s body to mimic the sideways movements of a goldfish swimming in water. During this process, the user should attempt to relax as much as possible, making sure to take slow, deep breathes. It is crucial that the user drink water during the exercise, as water enables the body’s lymph system to cleanse the body of toxins. The entire session should last 4 to 6 minutes for beginners; as users accumulate more experience with the machine, they can gradually increase their sessions up to 15 to 20 minutes. After the machine concludes the exercise, the user should lay still for about three minutes, as this allows the body to fully absorb the benefits of Chi therapy.

The Chi machine purifies the body by releasing “Chi,” an energy that spreads oxygen throughout the body. Without oxygen to carry vital nutrients to its cells, the body begins to suffer the effects of oxygen deficiency, a condition that hinders the body’s ability to remove toxins and prevents its internal systems from functioning properly. As a result, the body can fall victim to illnesses of all types, ranging from common irritations like fatigue, muscle aches and negative mood swings to much more severe diseases such as heart attacks, cancer and even AIDS.

Restoring the Immune System

The Chi machine has the unique ability to inject oxygen into every cell in the body, serving to expand capillaries and activate cells. Furthermore, this treatment enables the body to transport oxygen deep into tissues and between cell boundaries.  Once its cells are appropriately nourished, the body will not only be better equipped for fighting off disease, but will also possess more energy and better mental focus.

In addition to replenishing the body’s oxygen supply, the Chi machine bolsters the performance of the user’s lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels, organs and tissues held together by bean-shaped organs known as lymph nodes. Lymph, a colorless fluid containing disease-fighting white blood cells, uses this network to travel across the body. The lymphatic system can weaken and deteriorate through lack of exercise, shallow breathing and anger, thereby impairing the body’s efforts to contain and eradicate diseases. By stimulating the body through leg movement, the Chi machine circulates fluids throughout the patient, greatly assisting the lymphatic system in keeping the user healthy.

When used properly, the Chi machine can be an efficient and straightforward method for preserving one’s health and peace of mind. This technology has enriched the lives of countless users, and represents a key milestone in modern medicine’s battle against disease and illness.

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