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Tired Of Allergies? Seven Tips to Keep Your Allergies Under Control

Tired Of Allergies? Seven Tips to Keep Your Allergies Under Control

For Allergy sufferers, the beginning of allergy season (and the resulting problems) tends to be considered something of an inevitability. While avoiding allergy triggers is all but impossible, you can take steps to avoid the ever-present nuisance of pollen.

Windy Outside? Stay Inside: Dry, windy days allow pollen to quickly move around in the outdoor air, causing numerous runny noses and sneezing fits. The solution to this problem is simple – staying inside on such days reduces pollen exposure.

Get Help With Your Lawn: Many people don’t exactly look forward to mowing their lawn, especially those with seasonal allergies. If possible, try to have friends or family members do this task for you, along with weeding and other outside gardening work.

Remove Stubborn Pollen from Your Body: When pollen counts are high, pollen grains can linger on your clothes and hair. A quick shower and change of clothes can prevent these invisible stowaways from causing problems.

Keep Tabs on the Weather: Even if you’re not interested in following current events, your local TV news and newspapers do feature pollen counts, some highly important information for allergy sufferers. The internet also offers reliable pollen count forecasts.

Clean Up Your Indoor Air: Unfortunately, pollen isn’t just an outdoor problem, as the microscopic size of pollen grains allow them to easily get inside your home. The good news is that homeowners can remove many of these uninvited guests with the aid of air conditioners and dehumidifiers. In addition, the use of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters in your bedroom and vacuum cleaner are both effective tactics for evicting pollen.

Keep Your Doors and Windows Closed: So how does pollen get into your house? Often times, these irritants simply float in through open doors and windows. If the pollen count is high on a particular day, make sure all your doors and windows are shut.

Wear A Pollen Mask: Pollen masks may not be the most fashionable item on the market, but they are effective in keeping pollen out of your sinuses. You might consider picking some up if you are forced to work outside during allergy season.

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