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Eating Green While Saving Green

Eating Green While Saving Green

It’s no secret that eating organic food has become a nationwide trend in recent years. While the health benefits of organic food are well documented, many consumers are still reluctant to buy organic products due to their relatively high prices. While regularly buying organic may seem out of reach, careful planning and budgeting will allow you to eat right without busting your budget.

Look for Hidden Organic Gems in the Supermarket – In an effort to appeal to health-conscious consumers, many big-grocery grocery stores will occasionally offer organic goods at low prices. Supermarkets usually post ads in newspapers or on their websites to alert customers of sales and discounts.

Stock Up Now and Freeze for Later – If you can find organic produce at a low price, stock up on it and store the produce in your freezer. This allows you to enjoy organic food long after purchase by preserving it in your freezer.

Pay a Visit to the Local Farmers Market – If you’re not satisfied with your supermarket’s selection of organic foods, opt instead for farmers markets, which are prime locations for finding fresh organic produce, poultry and dairy at bargain prices.

Develop a Taste for Cheaper Organic Goods – Some organic products, such as bananas and carrots, are typically less expensive than other organic offerings, like grapes or avocados. If you happen to come across inexpensive organic produce, make sure to pick it up – you could save a nice bit of grocery money.

Go Organic – Every Other Week – If consistently buying organic is putting a strain on your pocketbook, alternate buying conventional foods with organic items on a weekly basis.

Grow a Green Thumb – Another option is to grow organic produce in your own garden. While this requires an investment of both time and money, gardening can be a very rewarding physical activity, in addition to supplying you with healthy and nourishing food.

Go Organic – In Bulk – Stores that sell organic goods often make life easier for consumers by offering items in bulk. Food retailers have been known to sell beans, rice, legumes, flour, nuts and other items in bulk quantities.

Buy Foods in Season – When foods are in season, they are noticeably cheaper at farmers markets. This is an excellent opportunity to stock up on your favorite fruits and vegetables.


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